DA-42 replica FNPTII

Diamond Aircraft Glass cockpit.

Diamond Flight Academy Scandinavia offers the modular courses CPL, ME, IR solely in multi engine aircraft and multi engine FNPTII simulator. We operate the latest models of Diamond DA-42 with Glass cockpit and the simulator is an exact replica of our aircraft fleet down to the detail. During these modular courses you get 80 hours of multi engine dual instruction. After 80 hours in the DA-42 you will be ready and confident for the skill test and your skills will last longer which will certainly be of advantage on your first job as a pilot.

Our flying environment is mainly around nothern Europe, we are strategically located for short flights to nearby countries such as Germany, Denmark, Poland, Norway, Finland, and the Baltic countries. In the syllabus you are planned to visit most of them. Optional additions could be made to fly longer trips.

Kalmar airport has 2 runways and regular traffic operated by SAS and Kalmarflyg. All different types of Instrument approach procedures SIDs and STARs. Several nearby Instrument airports for variations in the flying program.